The Founders

Born and raised in Germany, the local culture proved to be an integral foundation
in shaping Inan’s personal style, passions, and path as a creative in the fashion industry. Surrounded by diverse people with unique fashion sensibilities, Inan understood clothing as a universal and timeless matter that everybody has a relationship with.

Coming from an underprivileged background, Inan grew passionate about providing a sustainable future and integrating his responsible practices into his work at Archive Berlin. With a keen, tasteful eye and a natural propensity for brand building,

Inan has accrued over 20 years' experience in the trade. Prior to Archive Berlin,
Inan launched two successful brands collaborations with Adiddas, Eastpak and more recently Kangaroos, all pioneers in contemporary fashion.

Similarly a german native, Can developed his love for all things design in his early teens. Stylistically influenced by his parents and musical heroes – Michael Jackson, Prince – leather, denim, and simple tees were standards always to be found in his childhood home, on his idols and within his personal wardrobe. Growing up with his brother Inan in Stuttgart, thrifting clothes and exploring flea market looking for heritage classics, has been part of his life since a young age. Alongside his passion for music, Can developed his knowledge simultaneously from expert vintage vendors and buyers.

After few months, Can realized that there was a major gap in the market for consciously curated clothes for the millennial, looking for limited sneakers editions, unique fashion pieces or a perfectly tailored, vintage Levi’s. He co-founded Archive Berlin as a solution to bring back personality and individuality without sacrificing shape and style. With his vision alongside Inan, they take the old making it new again, an inherently sustainable goal that place Archive Berlin towards a more responsible future.


The Philosophy

Sneakers, clothes and streetwear aren’t just our business, they’re our lifestyle. We love to exchange, thrift and keep clothes in the biosphere as long as possible.

We understand that what you wear tells a story about who you are, where you’ve been, and even where you want to go. We know this because we’ve lived it. We’ve watched the Archive community grow with us, and we’ve been proud to be part of it since the beginning.